COVID Vax Hoax

COVID/Vax Hoax:


On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.

Senator Johnson Vaccine Panel: Dr. Linda Wastila ‘Autopsies Show Vaccine Is Dangerous’

People Dying of Cardiac Arrest After Vaccine:

Pfizer Covered Up Link Between Covid Jabs & Myocarditis in Kids. 
Drs. McCullough and Rose jointly published an article that revealed how the VAERS database showed a substantial cause and effect relationship between the COVID-19 vaccines and Myocarditis. Dr. Toby Rogers points out that “Pfizer’s clinical trial in kids was intentionally undersized to hide harms. This is a well-known trick of the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA even called them out on it earlier this summer and asked Pfizer to expand the trial, and Pfizer just ignored them because they can.”

Covid-19 Vaccines and Myocarditis Link Probed by Researchers:

CNN And Sesame Street Collaborated To Push Vaccine Propaganda For Young Children!

BREAKING: 8 Confirmed Dead, 11 Cardiac Arrests
At Travis Scott Astroworld Festival; Proof Of Negative COVID Test Or Full Vaccination Required For Attendance:

Bayer executive admits in public that mRNAs are gene therapies and that, without the pandemic, no one would have been willing to have them injected.

Doctors And Vaccine Victims Testify In A Panel in Washington D.C. to Crimes Against Humanity – CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci are No Shows.

BY MICRO-RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY TECHNICAL REPORT Almeria, Spain, November 2, 2021 Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid ASSOCIATE UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR PhD in Chemical Sciences Degree in Biological Sciences

US Cancels Contract 
With Major COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturer Emergent.

Mike Adams With Dr. Brian Ardis:
One Million Deaths From Remdesivir And Ventilator Homicide

Aussies united against tyranny. Let’s go Brandon!!!

Frontline health workers march in Central Coast today against medical mandates.

Switzerland protest against covid passports and mandates. Switzerland with their unique and loud protest against covid passports tonight, which are essentially health apartheid and the people won’t be divided!