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WHAT I DO BELIEVE IS THIS… Everyone will one day stand before the Creator and give an account for the good and bad that they have done. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ could come back at any second.

The main thing is to be presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we can as fast as we can.

Love you all




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The Beginning of “The End”
Everyone is sitting on the end of the chair, waiting for notifications to start and payouts to be delivered. We don’t know what is real and what is really happening. We are here because we believe in happy endings and this Great Shift to Abundance and 1,000 Years of Peace is the biggest and best happy ending story ever told. It has captured our hearts, our minds and our souls were committed lifetimes ago.

How many “Normies” holding “exotic” currency have come and gone throughout the decades? To those that are telling this Most Amazing Story, the saga of loss and pain has been like carrying an endless St. Nicklaus bag, where all the disappointments of others piled in one too many times. It’s a heavy burden that we agreed to shoulder only because we could. Because we knew the ending to this story would be One for the Books, that must be told.


It’s Moving East to West
“Money is Moving” East to West, same as the time zones travel from Eastern countries to Western, and along with the sun. Today is Tuesday the 4th in the US, but it’s already Wednesday the 5th in Australia. According to the RV GCR Legacy Story, Australia starts payouts before China. So it is. Today, Wednesday, January 5th, 2022, participating banks in Australia now have approval for release of Paymaster’s accounts. The RV GCR participating banks in Australia that have SKR holders and those holding “Money of Account on Hold” notices, have authorization to RELEASE THESE FUNDS. This happy news will no doubt be widely shared within a few short hours, unless something stops it.
Australian paymasters are paying out now.

There Will Be People Rioting in the Streets
This was one Legacy that none appreciated hearing. We didn’t understand how this could happen. People rioting in the US and all over the world, wasn’t something anyone wanted to hear in the mid 90’s. Today we all understand that there’s a lot to riot about. We are not happy with our governments, the “mandates,” or any of the Marxist Totalitarian actions. No one is happy with graphene suddenly showing up in food, in vitamins, in medicines. People all over the world are shouting, “We’re mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it any more.” Nuremberg, Article 6, Section 3 makes it clear what can be done and what exactly can’t. War Crimes judged by Military Tribunals as required by Law, are about to commence.

The Truth Will Be Told
The 7th through the 17th is our 10 days of darkness. During this “10 Days of Darkness,” the release of CIA/mafia cover ups will be publicly shared. There is so much dirty laundry, coverups, media lies, courtroom lies; all the truth and nothing but the truth will be shared about:
• JFK Sr and JFK Jr’s murders and the “Witness Protection Program” cover up disclosures
• The murder of innocents in Benghazi,
• The Fast and Furious,
• The back door Clinton/Biden sale of the US’ precious assets to line the pockets of a few dirty criminals in the “Uranium One,”

Normal Banking Will Be Ended
It’s all changing and starting right now. Unraveling the fiat US dollar from the global stage, replacing it with the new Sovereign, Gold-backed USN. New Money, new banking rules, will be announced all over the world. Digital Currency, backed by hard assets – gold, silver, oil, gemstones, in-ground assets, all verified by appropriate authorities; will be taking Center Stage. Banks all over the world that can’t meet Basel 3 requirements will be either merged or nationalized. There is no center ground. FDIC laid the groundwork here in the United States and now the push is on.

Ever since the 2008 Banking Crisis the US FDIC stepped in with big shoes on the heads of the malefactors, those same bankers that foreclosed on millions of homes, in 2008 – 2009, are all gone now. The FDIC took control under Donald J. Trump, making it impossible for banks to pull any fast ones with depositors. They thought they’d be able to get off Scott Free, but that’s not happening.

Borders All Over the World Will Be Changing
Putin spelled it all out over the past few days when Russia took Center Stage in his beautiful speeches, starting with his 4.5 hour Q&A with the Press.
Visit Reuters Telegram channel for Putin’s full New Year’s Eve statement to his People.

#Urgent: Putin submits draft to State Duma on Russian Citizenship, granting Putin power to award simplified Russian citizenship to citizens of #Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

— Terror Alarm (@terror_alarm) December 29, 2021

Urgent: Putin submits draft to State Duma on Russian Citizenship, granting Putin power to award simplified Russian citizenship to citizens of #Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The USSR is back in. Communism is out. The Khazarian Mafia is out. The People of the United Soviet Republic now have a New Constitution, based on the Articles of Freedom, same as the US Constitution. It’s a Brave New World, not to be confused with the Eugenicists NWO…

The Sovereign Republic of the United States of North America, including all of Canada (with Quebec and Nova Scotia), the US, and Mexico, will be forming a new Union of States. Territories will also include Australia and New Zealand. This (yet to be announced) union will have a new currency. For right now, the US (fiat) dollar, represented by a bankrupt (US INC.) government, is not accepted in any transaction. The (Texas-based) United States Treasury, under the (yet to be announced) new Restored Republic, has delivered the new RAINBOW CURRENCY to banks, and it will be ready for distribution, (yet to be announced) TOMORROW. Yes, it’s here now. We don’t have long to wait. So much is changing so fast, and all happening right now.

The Chinese Communist Party Will End
In a FREE SOCIETY Communism must end. There can only be a government by free and fair election. Rule by intimidation, by fiat, by Gestapo; is ended. The CCP, which owns 50% of every large company in China, is now Bankrupt. EVERGRANDE did the deed handily. The Chinese Government is unable to meet its hundreds of billions of dollars of debt owed to creditors/shareholders and now, in great shame, has to GO AWAY. Fake news in Hong Kong is reporting that trading in the shares of the ailing Chinese real estate group Evergrande has resumed with Evergrande valuation climbing 2.5 percent Tuesday. Trading in the shares was halted on Monday pending price-sensitive information. Evergrande (and the CCP as 50% owner) is burdened with a huge debt burden and already missed payments in December. This announcement of CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (Inc. – another fake corporation assigned under the Vatican), is in default, bankrupt, kaput, gone. To be replaced with a new Eastern Union of Sovereign Nation States.

Every National of Every Free Nation Will Receive a Monthly Check
Universal Basic Income has been discussed in many venues. What’s not discussed is “where is this money coming from?” Those of us in this RV GCR understand, Money is No Thing. The amount of “money” required to pay for this monthly stipend is like a particle of sand in the desert. There’s enough money to manage this today and forever. We will see this managed easily through New Digital Banking Accounts, established in each Free Union of States. We’re on the cusp of this movement and it’s needed to aid in this banking transition. This money for everyone’s benefit managed via the Quantum Banking System under the New Starlink Satellite Internet, is set to start January 20, 2022. That’s a short 3 weeks away.

Admiral’s Tier 4 Starts Everything
The payouts for CMKX, for Fines and Penalties, have been confirmed. No More Money on Hold on Account. No more Waiting for Release. This money has been released. Payouts for German Bonds and others, including the Tier 1, 2 and 3 – the Royal Families and the “Sovereigns” with all expecting money, are paying out right now in Eastern Countries – starting in Australia and moving from East to West. If this payout moves forward today as expected, then Admiral can start paying Tier 4A and Tier 4 B notifications will immediately start.

We owe a HUGE THANK YOU, Iraq for moving forward with its revalued IQD in-country rate! And to all of the Sovereign Nation States, taking the lead here. The Iraqi’s new Golden Dinar will take the global stage sometime through the 10th to the 15th even though they have announcements planned for the 22nd. The plan at this time is to go GLOBAL immediately with an impressive rate of over $6.00 US.

The (Corporate) Government Throughout All United States and It’s Territories Will All Step Down
This is NESARA and must happen, same as we saw in Russia. The elected officials exit and new elections take place. The departure of the Biden Administration must be done right, leaving no stone unturned and harming no innocents. The First (Public) Constitutional Convention in Texas will be held as quickly as possible, electing a new and much smaller government according to the Original Restored Constitution of 1776. This affects the scheduled Supreme Court hearing, set to begin on January 7th on the Covid 19th Unconstitutional Mandates. All of these cases become obsolete immediately.

The obsolescence of all the many things presently and formerly harming We the People: of penury, of ill health, of poor education, of forced mandates; all to be resolved. It starts right now.

This news will follow quickly. Stay tuned.


Love you all